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Acta Materialia

Applied Physics A

Applied Surface Science

                Journal of Applied Physics

                Journal of Crystal Growth

                Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena

                Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

                Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

                Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

                Journal of Solid State Chemistry

                Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A

                Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B

Materials Letters



Physica Status Solidi A

                Physica Status Solidi B     

                Physical Review Letters

                Physical Review B

                Progress in Surface Sicence

                Revista Mexicana de Fisica

                Semiconductor Science and Technology

                Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells

                Solid State Communications

                Superconductor Science and Technology

                Superficies y Vacio

                Surface and Coatings Technology

Surface and Interface Analysis

Surface Science

Surface Science Spectra

The Journal of Chemical Physics

Thin Solid Films